How to create a Qualified Electronic Signature?


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Creating a Qualified Electronic Signature is no hassle. So if you didn’t have a chance yet to try signing documents with an e-signature or didn’t use the most secure of it – Qualified Electronic Signature – below you’ll find information on how to do that.

Why do you need a Qualified Electronic Signature?

Qualified Electronic Signature not only allows you to log in to various services such as your e-bank, and public institutions’ portals, but as well it enables you to sign various documents which will be same legally binding as signed by hand.

Who can get a Qualified Electronic Signature?

Qualified Electronic Signature is issued to 18+ Lithuanian citizens. It’s only issued to natural persons. Businesses may receive eSeal accordingly.


You can download and install the Smart-ID app on your smart device for free from your Google Play, App Store, or AppGallery account.

Register an advanced Smart-ID account in the app using one of the following methods:

  • Identity Card;
  • Mobile signature;
  • Internet bank or bank branch;
  • Biometric identification.

Then activate by following the instructions according to the chosen authentication method.

Important note: To sign documents with a qualified e-mail signature with Smart-ID, make sure your account level is Smart-ID, not Smart-ID Basic. You can set this in your Smart-ID app by selecting the Menu item “User Information”.

Mobile signature

A mobile signature, which requires a smart device, is issued by your provider, who is able to issue you a new SIM card with a working electronic signature.

Just visit your provider’s shop, order a new SIM card with the mobile signature function, and activate it according to the instructions.

Availability for other methods of signing with an electronic signature depends on your country of residence.


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