Important Change: One Account – One Unique Email Address 


We hope that the new year will bring new positive challenges and goals. We ended the year with an important change to the Mark Sign’s self-service, which will ensure an even higher level of security and service in 2024. 

One Account – One Unique Email Address 

We notice that a significant number of users who rely on Mark Sign self-service use a recurring email address for different accounts. In order to ensure the highest quality and security of our services, we would like to inform you that from now on every Mark Sign account must have a unique email address. 

When using the same email address across multiple accounts, the system cannot automatically assign the document to a specific account; this task must be completed by the user. Therefore, the proposed change aims to reduce the number of signing steps, ensuring a smoother document flow and enhanced security. 


Check which account you’re signed in to. We recommend changing your email address on your personal account.

When will this change take effect? 

The change will take effect from the 1st of February. When you log in to your Mark Sign account, we will remind you about this and direct you to the “Settings” section to change your email address. 

Where and how to change your personal account email address? 

You can view and update your personal account email here: “Settings & Payments” → “Profile“. In the section “Personal details” you will find “Email” line. Upon clicking the “Save” button, an email confirmation letter will be sent to the newly designated email inbox. Click “Activate account” and you will be all done.

How do I manage my accounts using Mark Sign’s self-service? 

Log in to the Mark Sign self-service. After doing this, you will see all the available accounts on the screen.

If you want to switch from one account to another, click the arrow in the menu bar, select “View All” and you will see a list of available accounts. 

What will happen if I don’t change it on time? 

While we will regularly remind you to update your email address in the “Settings” section, you will still be able to use Mark Sign’s self-service to sign documents without any interruptions. 

These are the changes for this month. Do you have any observations or questions? Let’s discuss your company’s needs together ( 


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