November Updates


As the cosiest time of the year approaches, we hurry to tell you about our progress in the month of November. We invite you to get acquainted with the updates and dedicate the time saved by signing with a qualified electronic signature to the year-end tasks! 

Improvement in the signing process using USB tokens 

We want to inform you that we have improved the signing process with the “Bit4id tokenME EVO II” cryptographic USB tokens issued by Registrų Centras. Have you already tried signing with USB tokens and Smart cards? 

Why is a USB token so useful? 

You can upload and sign an unlimited number of documents. By using a cryptographic USB token or a Smart card, you will not have to bother signing each document separately. One click – up to 100 signed documents. 

If using a USB token as a means of identification is new to you and you want to try it yourself, you can find more information here

3 free signatures every month 

We make every effort to ensure that our electronic signature solution, Mark Sign, would work seamlessly. Focusing on the highest quality and paying more attention to speeding up the document signing process, we now offer customers the opportunity to sign up to 3 documents for free each month. 

Need to sign more documents? We invite you to choose the higher plan that suits you best: Professional, Team, Flexible or purchase additional signature packages. 

Note that documents can be signed quickly using Smart-ID, Mobile-ID, ZealiD, cryptographic USB tokens and Smart cards. Also, by using the newly integrated SimplySign tool, you can now sign documents with Polish citizens. 

Improving User Experience (UX) 

We pay a lot of attention to optimizing the user experience so that the document signing process in Mark Sign’s self-service is as smooth and fast as possible. We appreciate the feedback received from customers, which has led to the following changes: 

Electronic document signing with Smart-ID 

We still occasionally receive inquiries from customers stating that they cannot log in to the Mark Sign self-service website with the Smart-ID app. 

Please note that you can log in and sign documents with Mark Sign using only the qualified Smart-ID app. We have released an update informing customers that a Smart-ID account with a lower-security level is being used during login. However, if you have questions about how to download the Smart-ID app, check or raise its security level, you can find more information about Smart-ID here

Better information display on smartphones 

For customers who want to manage and sign documents in their environment through API, we provide two options: to create the desired user interface conveniently and simply according to their needs. When there are no possibilities or needs to perform additional programming work, you can use our pre-prepared user interface. 

Responding to our customer needs, we now have improved the Mark Sign user interface display on mobile phones. The organized and expanded mobile environment allows you to see all the presented information (such as personal code) fully and review the signer’s data. 

Document categories and their sequence 
  • When creating a category name, you now can write up to 35 characters; 
  • We sorted out the categories in alphabetical sequence – we understand the importance of order, no matter how many categories you have, from now on you can manage them even more conveniently. 

These are the changes for this month. Do you have any observations or questions? Let’s discuss your company’s needs together ( 


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