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Gražvydas Balčas Finomark

“We realized that after introducing qualified electronic signature and digitization of customer management processes, time required to service borrowers decreased by 30 to 40 percent.”

– Grazvydas Balcas, CEO of FinoMark
Giedre Blazgiene generaline direktore

„We are focused on efficiency and strive to simplify all processes for our customers as much as possible, so with Mark Sign, all contracts with our customers and partners are signed quickly and conveniently.“

– Giedre Blazgiene, Managing Director at
Mark Sign kliento Saulės grąža spalvotas logotipas

“Document signing with an electronic signature is a quick and easy solution, so now we can dedicate more of our time towards new project development.”

– Deiminta Noreikiene, CEO of Saules graza
Laura Basijokaite Vitaniene Grinda

“Mark Sign platform allows us and our clients to make our activities more efficient – for both parties, the documents signing has become simpler and faster, simply because the time it takes to go through documents has been shortened.”

– Laura Basijokaite-Vitaniene, Head of Administration Department at Grinda spalvotas logotipas

“There is no need anymore to gather paper contracts, customers do not need to print and sign them by hand. We use Mark Sign solution to sign all contracts: both with clients and partners.”

– Rimante Serpytiene, Customer Service Manager at Fastlink
Laurynas Mazuolis Be kredito

“Regarding our business model – item rental, our colleagues have to process several hundred applications and other related documents daily. This results in significant human resource costs, which is why we were pleasantly surprised by how much time can be saved for employees when the company switches to qualified electronic signature.”

– Laurynas Mazuolis, CEO of Be Kredito
prevence legal spalvotas logotipas

“Mark Sign solution makes work easier for our team, and above all creates a much easier way to collaborate with customers.”

– Edgaras Margevicius, Lawyer, Founder of Prevence
Daiva Rakauskaitė, CFA, sertifikuota finansų analitikė ir Verslo angelų fondo valdytoja

“Signing agreements with Mark Sign is a fast, simple and reliable process.”

– Daiva Rakauskaite, CFA, certified financial analyst and manager of “Verslo angelų fondai”
legal balance spalvotas logotipas

„By using Mark ID and Mark Sign e-ID solutions, we can achieve our goal of providing the highest quality legal services, speeding up work processes and maintaining the highest security standards.”

– Marius Slepetis, CEO of Legal Balance
Inga Karulaitytė, ECOVIS ProventusLaw partnerė

“In the future, I see Mark ID company as a leader in providing qualified electronic signatures in Europe.”

– Inga Karulaityte, ECOVIS ProventusLaw Partner
Skaidri apskaitos sistema logo

“Electronic Qualified Signature – the time-saving future is inevitable.”

– Remigijus Nemira, CEO

“Since the majority of our clients are foreign companies operating outside Lithuania, it is necessary to have a tool that is certified and maximally protected against cyber risks in order to identify partners and conclude contracts with them electronically.”

– Michael Manke, Roedl & Partner Law Firm associate partner, lawyer

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