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All features of the START Plan
Order of signing of documents
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40 Signatures/Month
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All the features of the PROFESSIONAL plan
Manage user rights, create document categories and store documents in a single account
Sign and store important documents in a single account


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All the features of the TEAM plan
Personalized document signing notifications in the team account
Document signing in an organizational environment (API)
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Frequently asked questions

Full FAQ
How can I increase my signature count?
Customers can purchase additional signature packs. After logging in to your Mark Sign account, click on Pricing in the menu bar on the left and select how many additional signatures you want to purchase: 10, 50, 100, 200, or 450.
  • When you purchase a signature, it will be automatically added to the number of available signatures
  • If you have both free and purchased signatures in your account, free signatures will be used up first
  • Additional signatures are valid until used out
  • Additional signatures can be purchased by users of the Start, Professional, and Team plans. In the Flexible plan, the quantity of signatures is unlimited!
How are signatures counted?

One signature on a document counts as one used signature. If the document is signed by two users, two signatures are used, if three – three signatures, etc. When uploading a document in the PROFESSIONAL, TEAM, and FLEXIBLE plans, you can select that the signatures get deducted from your account instead of other accounts.

Is it necessary for the other signing person to have a Mark Sign account?

The first time you log in to the Mark Sign platform and verify your identity with a qualified Smart-ID or M. signature, we will automatically create an account for you and allow you to sign the document.

Which plan is best for your business?

For a business or organization with more than 1 employee, we recommend choosing the plan TEAM or FLEXIBLE. You will manage your documents centrally, i.e., in a single organization account and you will be able to create common document storage categories, grant different access rights, and if an employee changes, all documents in the organization will still remain in the account of the organization. After purchasing the FLEXIBLE plan, you will manage everything according to your needs. You will be able to integrate your brand into the document signing process (via white-label function) and sign documents on the Mark Sign platform or via the API.

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