Modern banking based on sustainability and digital technologies

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>2000 times

Signed more than 2000 times with an electronic signature in 2 months


Saved sheets of paper in 3 months


Employees use Mark sign self-service platform

18 tons of CO2 emissions

18 tons of CO2 emissions planned to save

About company became the first specialized bank in the European Union in 2019, as well as the first bank focused on business loans in Lithuania. Knowing the needs of a growing business, the bank offers affordable financing conditions, unlimited and free SEPA transfers, as well as reduced bureaucratic processes to a minimum, so that the clients business development could go fluently. 

Being a modern bank, creates a different kind of bankingmore efficient, simpler, focused on specific business needs and with innovative digital technologies. After starting to use Mark Sign services 3 months ago, the bank has already signed 1,500 contracts with a qualified electronic signature and saved 9,000 sheets of paper. 




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The market encourages to move forward

Efficiency, speed and the simplicity of processes are vital things in our sector. If contracts are signed with electronic signatures, we can immediately deliver our agreements and disburse loans helping our clients to develop their businesses. The most important advantage is that the contract can be signed over the smartphone from anywhere, even from the other side of the world. There is no need to scan and send the documents to get a loan in an old-fashioned way – it is much more efficient to share them remotely. To add more, you have enough virtual space to store all documents – there is no need for a separate physical space for the document archive. 



However, electronic signatures do positive changes towards improving the customer experience, this change is important for our internal processes as well, we sign many internal documents at a bank, too. Using a self-service platform where you follow the history of document signing, overview documents you need to sign and send reminders to the recipients, all the operations can be performed in time costly and efficient manner. 


Giedre Blazgiene generaline direktore

“We are focused on efficiency and strive to simplify all processes for our customers as much as possible, so with Mark Sign, all contracts with our customers and partners are signed quickly and conveniently.”

– Giedre Blazgiene, Managing Director


Interview with Giedre Blazgiene, Managing Director.

Have you ever calculated how much savings you made by digitizing work processes? 

Currently, we have signed about 1,500 documents using the Mark Sign qualified electronic signature solution, but if signed in an old-fashioned way, this pile of documents would consist of about 9,000 sheets of paper. It means about 54,000 sheets of paper per year. It is around 270 kilos of paper and consumes about 540 thousand litres of water to produce such an amount, and about 18 tons of CO2 are emitted into the environment. This is only the cost of the paper on which we put a signature, not counting the cost of courier services and the CO2 emissions of the document delivery process. 

Mark Sign kliento gertuvė ant stalo

What other sustainability-promoting solutions have you implemented in your company? 

We aim to implement sustainability in all areas – environmental, social and governance, therefore we have approved the company’s code of ethics, equal opportunities policy and environmental strategies.

To prove these are not just empty words, we neutralize the impact of CO2 on the environment with real actions: we try not to waste the resources we use, we buy electricity produced from renewable resources, we promote cleaner transportation, which is why we installed a bicycle storage area for employees in the bank’s yard and provided the opportunity to charge electric cars at charging stations for free. Reducing paper costs in daily activities is also part of this strategy. Mark Sign solution allows us to sign all contracts with our partners quickly and in the most convenient way without violating our values. 



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By signing contracts with qualified electronic signatures, loan applications can be processed from anywhere in the world.

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The automated Mark Sign solution shortens the chain of employees’ daily activities, so they can perform all tasks simpler and faster.

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Reducing costs

Digital documents make it possible to give up the space required for physical archives and reduce paper costs.



By signing e-documents with customers we do not violate the bank’s values and reduce CO2 emissions generated in the process of signing paper contracts.